Kangertech SUBTANK Review, Better than Aspire Atlantis?

For vapers there is no good deal than having a product that will give them a dual function with just one product. Kangertech has a new revolutionary tank that can function as a clearomizer as well as an RBA. Thanks to this Kanger Subtank Wholesale Supplier who provided us this sample to review, this stainless steel subtank will give you an option of using the tank as an RBA or with the new Organic Cotton coil. This Organic Cotton Coils are made with Japanese Cotton that has a unique shape that is a square and is said to have a larger heating and will give the vaper a purer taste. OCC is much healthy because it uses organic cotton as a wick.

Kangertech Subtank has a new airflow control which is adjustable a glass tank and a 510 spring loaded connection. If you prefer on building your own coil it will allow you to use the OCC or Kanger RBA coil head. For OCC the tank can hold 6 ml of liquid while on RBA it holds 4.2 ml of liquid. When using the subtank avoid getting liquid in the metal tube in the center when filling the clearomizer because the metal tube leads from the mouthpiece to the battery end.

Vape Wholesale Supply stores are reminding the users that this tank uses a sub-ohm resistance atomizer and it this will just work on a mechanical mod or a mod capable of 30 watt or higher. So before using this subtank you must be sure that your mod AND batteries can handle SUB OHM coils. If you are a beginner always ask help and advice from experts so you will know what are needed. If you know well this subtank you can experience a convenient vaping and with just a few twists you can modify by rebuilding your own coils and choose your own wicks.