Innokin iTaste MVP 20W Review – Enjoy your Nightlife 2015

Nightlife in San Francisco often means gathering of friends, family and meeting new acquaintances. That is why the city offers plenty of entertainment from sexy lounges to hip and youthful nightclubs. Each district in San Francisco has its own selection of bars, clubs and lounges. Night time is the right time to have fun and to discover new things and approaches on how to enjoy life. When it comes to relaxing and enjoying nightlife, vaping always come along.

There is a New Innokin iTaste MVP 20w with a stainless steel body. The MVP20w is now powered up to 20watts. It also upgraded into a sleeker look and created with a better chip. The iTaste MVP20W is designed to connect with all standard 510 tanks with its 510 spring. You can also vape with great tanks like Gladius-Mars with MVP 20W is packaged with an EGO thread adapter. The MVP20W is a variable voltage with a range of 3.3v-7.5v adjustable in 0.1volt increments and variabel attage from 6.0w - 20.0w adjustable in 0.5increments. You can keep track with your daily vape because it has a handy puff counter and it also has an ohm meter that will display resistance. MVP20W has a great vaping performance and now can process data faster because of its 32-bit ARM microprocessor.

When I went to one of wholesale vape supply store they mentioned that if you want a product that is reliable Innokin iTaste should be considered. It has a steady VDC power output with an output voltage accuracy of +-1%, which means it really reduces noise and the battery life is longer. It has an internal battery which has a large capacity which 2600mah. The larger capacity you have the long lasting power you will have. Aside from the large capacity of battery, it also comes with a backup portable charger that can also be use for mobile phones and other electronic devices. Check on this Innokin Distributor now for Innokin iTaste MVP20W so you can experience how powerful and great this product is.