Infinite Kayfun V4 Clone Review

Kayfun V4 is one of the hottest in vapor world, thanks to vapor wholesale store again to provide us this wondeful device to review. Kayfun 4 comes with three tank options, stainless steel, pyrex glass and a polycarbonate tank. Instead of 2 screws, the build deck of kayfun 4 has four screws. The reason for having 4 screws is to create a multiple coil builds easily and a great access to the deck is also featured without draining the tank. It has an adjustable airflow to allow more airflow and eliminating the ant airflow noise. The liquid flow control allows the user to shut off fluid transfer from tank to deck it also allows manual adjustment of amount of fluid that the user wants to saturate the wick.

As I have known kayfun V4 more improved. Among those that you can see that has changed and has improved a lot is you cannot hear the gurgle noise this is mentioned awhile ago that it is because of the adjustable airflow that eliminates the noise. It is much easier to fill given that you have 3 options on what tank you would like to use. It is very convenient and you cannot see any flooding because of its liquid control, you will really just enjoy the great vapour flavour and the volume it gives.

The convenience that kayfun 4 brought to its users is what I appreciate most. As a traveller myself I find kayfun 4 more appealing to me to bring anywhere because of liquid control feature that is user friendly that I find it more comfortable in filling through the top that there is no risk that you will spill it off because you will be filling through the top cap or a leakage when you shut the liquid control which is an open/shut liquid control. Vapor Shop Vendors can click here to purchase kayfun v4 clone by Infinite.