HOBO RDA Review – One of the best RDAs

It is a fact that there are plenty of RDAs that can be seen and that is sold in the market today. Even RDA wholesale stores were very keen in selecting products that they will be selling in their stores. They also want to give the best to their customers. Every vaper need to have an RDA that they can be satisfied of.

Here is one RDA that can be considered to be one of the best in the vape world today. Thanks to this e cigarette wholesale distributor provide us this great RDA to review. Hobo RDA is machined RDA made up of a 100% stainless steel body including both the negative and positive posts. Due to their finish there is a maximum conductivity and rigidity. It uses two airflow controls that are adjustable. One airflow control is from the top of the dripper pointing directly down towards the coils. On the other hand, the secondary airflow control ring is the one that controls the outside airflow holes. This airflow controls is created to control cloud production and will help in great flavour production. The dual airflow is what makes Hobo an RDA that every enthusiast must have.

Hobo RDA was created precisely and this becomes one of the hottest RDA in the market today. This innovative RDA allows the vaper to unscrew the outside ring from the deck. This is to expose the building area instead of pulling it off just like other RDAs. O-rings are provided for a solid seal while dripping. One of the features of Hobo RDA that makes the result of the flavour unbelievable is the two cut opening of the juice well for the direct air coil effect.

If you are looking for an RDA for RDA wholesale or even for personal use. Try Hobo RBA and you will know what I am telling you.