Aspire ESP 30W Box Mod - Thanks to the Vape Wholesale Distributor

Aspire has been an archrival of Kanger when it comes to mods. Since Kanger has produced their box mod, Aspire also released their first product in box mod category. The trend of aspire is their carbon fiber prints for their mods and they still continue this for their box mod to have a stylish look. Unlike any box mods that typically looks like a rigid box, aspire's ESP 30W box mod comes with a round corner that smooth out the edges. It size is compact and handy that the entire mod fit the palm of your like just like a cigarette lighter.

aspire esp 30w package aspire esp 30w

In recent our friend who is a vape store owner introduced us his wholesale vaping supplier and they sent us this kit to test, thank you! When I check on the device to see its physical features as expected, on the side of the device is where the firing button is located. And to prevent accidental changing of wattage while you are gripping on the device, the power adjustment dial is on top of the mod. The output wattage of Aspire box mod is 5W to 30W and can be adjusted by simply turning the knob clockwise or counter clockwise to increase or if you wish to reduce the wattage. It has a digital screen display for the user to view the status of the mod. It shows the remaining battery power, atomizer resistance, wattage and the voltage of the mod.

aspire esp 30w top esp 30w box mod body

Aspire ESP 30W box mod works with all types of sub-ohm tanks. This includes the Aspire Atlantis, Nautilus, Nautilus Mini and other similar products from other brands. This is because it is powered by a 1900mAh lithium polymer battery. What is great about this device is you can still continue firing while connected to a charging device because of its passthrough function. It is charged through a micro USB cable that can be seen at the bottom of the device.

Aspire ESP 30W Box Mod is surely an additional device that every enthusiasts will be looking forward to.