Aspire CF MAXX : Intense Power Supplier Battery

Have you tried using an Aspire CF battery? As we all know Aspire CF battery is a high powered battery. If Aspire CF battery is already considered high powered how much more would be Aspire CF MAXX be? Yes, heard it right! Aspire CF MAXX is even more powerful that the Aspire CF.

aspire cf maxxaspire maxx batterycf maxx battery

Aspire CF MAXX battery is a high-end variable wattage battery. It has a knob that would allow the users to change watts from 5 watts to 50 watts. CF MAXX has 3000 mAh capacity battery. That is why it is capable to supply an intense power required by low resistance atomizers such as 0.3 ohm to 5 ohm. By the way CF stands for carbon fiber. Aspire CF MAXX battery is a tube battery that has a tough coating that will prevent damage to the battery, carbon fiber. This tube battery has a 510 connection which means it accepts not just aspire tanks but also several other brands like from Kanger and models of similar quality. To be sure, asking from aspire dealer is much better than taking chances of buying something that can't be used.

aspire maxx knobmaxx battery connection

What makes this worth buying is it has a microchip that knows when you have dropped the resistance too low, or high temperature, a short circuit an over-discharge. With this features that Aspire CF MAXX battery posses, it is not just you have protected yourself from any harm but also financially, you will not be purchasing it for nothing.

Visit any stores or online shops if you want to know more about this powerful battery of aspire. You should expect that the price for this would be more because of its powerful capacity.